Friday, 17 February 2017

Joji Hirota - Blazing Taikos!

Joji Hirota
Joji Hirota

Date - 15th February 2017
Venue - A World in London, Resonance FM, London, UK
Current album  - Japanese Taiko 3 (Released April 2017 on ARC Music)

Legendary Japanese music-maker Joji Hirota on this A World In London! 
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If you’ve ever seen Joji Hirota’s thrilling performances with the London Taiko Drummers, you’ll know that his live sets are unforgettable! A blaze of blistering beats pounded on giant drums that leaves audiences breathless, but Joji is not ‘just a drummer’. He’s a distinguished composer, producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, with a career that spans over three decades, and sixteen sensational albums! Awards, accolades, and collaborations with the likes of Jah Wobble, London Metropolitan Orchestra, and Royal Shakespeare Company have happened along the way, and Joji is the man to credit for filling the void of mystery that surrounds Japanese music. He is its finest interpreter and dedicated ambassador. He’s also a master craftsman, that  carves intricate and delicate string arrangements for Japanese folk songs, boasts a celestial singing voice, and is a master of the Shakuhachi flute. On this AWIL, hear an exclusive preview of his 17th album, ‘ Japanese Taiko 3’, forthcoming on ARC Music this April.

15/2/17 – AWIL at Res 114  Online:  Pic by Layla Gatens. Sketches by Alban Low. Production by Sofia Gaetani-Morris & Norman Druker. Also this week, NAMLO and Ali Azimi live at SOAS Radio! Next week Syriana’s Bernard O’Neill @ SOAS Radio and Baluji Shrivastav OBE @ Resonance.

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Monday, 13 February 2017

Tad Sargent and Loïc Bléjean – Fire and Fervour

Tad Sargent
Tad Sargent and Loïc Bléjean

Date - 8th February 2017
Venue - Irish Cultural Centre, Hammersmith, London, UK
Current album  - Tad Sargent and Loïc Bléjean (Market Square, 2017)

Future Performance
21/02/2017: Concert à l’Eglise, St Laurent/Oust, 8:30pm –
22/02/2017: Brittany Winter Shool, Arzon, 9pm –

A night of shadows and sparks from two Celtic firebrands in the newly reopened Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith, UK. The high ceilinged performance room could have given the air an empty chill but the audience filled out the hollow space and the warmth from the musicians brought colour to the cheeks on this bitter winter evening. The bald headed Bléjean is the smouldering coal in the fire pit, he glowed in the red light, still and pulsating. In contrast Sargent is the spitting spark that erupts from this combustible collaboration, always on his toes, twisting and flickering in the night.

Loïc Bléjean
Tad and Loïc share the same musical passions for the Irish tradition, for innovation, for style and flair and for ‘getting it right’. They met formally, if you like, at a session in Flynn’s Bar in Ealing, west London, in late 2013 and immediately hit it off. Loïc called Tad a few months later, as he was keen on putting a duo together for the festival he runs in his beloved Brittany. There followed stays and rehearsals at Tad’s fabled flat in Barnes, then gigs in France and England, all leading to the two of them opening the show for “The Taming of the Shrew”, the widely and wildly acclaimed 2016 production at Shakespeare’s Globe in London.

And meanwhile, they were making this album…. Recorded at Sylvain Barou’s studio in Brittany, it has Sylvain himself guesting on flute, Jean-Baptist Boclé on keyboards and Ben Somers on double bass and backing vocals, each one highly regarded in his own right. Well, class attracts class!
The album has nine tracks, six sets of tunes in what has become their trademark manner – percussive, driven, with a complexity of rhythm from Tad underscoring the precision and beauty of Loïc’s melodic lines. There is sensitivity too; it is not all fire and fervour and when the tune merits a light and gentle touch, that it receives! Tad adds three songs, “Missing You” (J. MacCarthy), “Dunnes Stores Girl” (J. Spillane) and “Beeswing” (R. Thompson), each with a fitting new arrangement and delivered with his fine vocals.

Vocal Global - Voice Acrobatics

Noga Ritter
Vocal Global
Noga Ritter - voice and piano
DavidX - voice/beatbox and violin

Date - 8th February 2017
Venue - A World in London, Resonance FM, London, UK
Current album  - L'Odyssey (Released on 26th February 2017)

Future Performance
26th February 2017 - Vortex Jazz Club - album launch

Sonic phonic duo Vocal Global on this A World In London!
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Seeing is believing, which is why the blistering voice acrobatics of Noga Ritter and David X, combined as Vocal Global, really MUST be experienced live! Unless you witness them in action, it’s impossible to know which instruments are for real and which ones VC have perfectly replicated, tongue-twisting their way through trumpets, talking drums, and tablas. Beatboxer extraordinaire, David, lays down the jaw-dropping & jaw-emanating rhythm section, transporting the duo through a nomadic journey of beats carved up with jazz and hip-hop. Noga’s rich and powerful voice, sprung from Middle Eastern roots, glides through continents, languages, and meaningful lyrical compositions highlighting global issues & personal stories. VC’s stunning artistry and dynamic dance through song pivots them as profound communicators across all platforms - in care homes with special needs children through their work with Live Music Now - or in clubs/festivals where their exhilarating Vocalstar Galactica performance thrills bedazzled & breathless audiences! See Vocal Global on stage at Dalston’s Vortex Jazz Club, Feb 26th, launching their hotly anticipated, kaleidoscopic debut album, ‘L’Odyssey’!

8/2/17 – AWIL at Res 113 Online: Pic by Layla Gatens. Sketches by Alban Low. Production by Sofia Gaetani Morris & Norman Druker. Also this week, great new global music on AWIL at SOAS Radio featuring Mokoomba, Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha, Mulatu Astatke (Official Artist Page), Orchestra Baobab, Susana Raya, Juwon Ogungbe, plus Koral Society in the studio Next week NAMLO @ SOAS Radio and Joji Hirota @ Resonance.
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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Loudest Whispers 2017 - 38 GREEN CARNATIONS

Jones Tensini
Loudest Whispers Opening Night
Alex Green - Master of ceremonies
DJ Ritu
Sarah Caulfield
Jones Tensini
Nicci Gladwin
Lucinda Sieger
Sarah Vista and the Sheriff

Nicci Gladwin
Date - 3rd February 2017
Venue - The Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital, UK

This year's LOUDEST WHISPERS exhibition has attracted a dynamic mix of talent both professional and self taught. With 100 pieces of artwork from 38 artists gracing the walls of The Conference Centre at St Pancras Hospital. This vibrant and dazzling exhibition is open until 20th April 2017, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Sarah Vista and the Sheriff
The exhibition marks the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of male homosexuality. The centrepiece of the exhibition is a work titled 38 GREEN CARNATIONS that is inspired by the incarceration of Oscar Wilde in Reading Gaol in 1895.

The opening of 2017 LOUDEST WHISPERS gave the gallery at St Pancras Hospital its biggest night in its 13 years history. 500 visitors arrived for this eagerly awaited annual exhibition of LGBT art, an evening rich in energy, enthusiasm and sometimes the baring of flesh

Lucinda Sieger
Visitors were rewarded with a glittering night of entertainment and thought-provoking performance. The exhibition was opened with impassioned speeches by Nadia Shah, the Mayor of Camden, Deputy Mayor Richard Cotton and inspiring words from Leisha Fullick the Chair of the Foundation Trust.  Nigel Harris, director of the Camden LGBT Forum rallied the crowds as sales topped £2,000 in the first few hours of the exhibition opening. 

Sarah Caulfield
Master of ceremonies Alex Green and his eclectic alternative Good Old Days brought together songs and dance inspired by George Michael, followed by the poetry of Sarah Caulfield and the mesmerising performance art of Jones Tensini. DJ Ritu (Club Kali) spoke from the heart in a personal and inspirational speech that brought a swelling pride to her artist-in-residence at radio programme A World In London (Resonance FM, Wednesdays 6.30-7.30pm).

Music was strongly represented by Nicci Gladwin, Lucinda Sieger and Sarah Vista & the Sheriff. All with individual voices and original repertoires that ultimately brought the night to what felt like a premature close.
Susan Kreitzman
There is a special one off screening of Stephen Haupt's beautiful love story THE CIRCLE this Friday 10/2/17 at 6pm.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Savita Sundaresan - Carnatic Resonance

Savita Sundaresan
Date - 1st February 2017
Venue - A World in London, Resonance FM, London, UK

Sublime and sensitive South Indian music vocals by Savita Sundaresan on this A World In London! 
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Performing at AWIL can be something of an occupational hazard. Gone are the days when it was just me and the musician/s in the studio. Now we have an entire team of production assistants, resident artist, and other ‘interested parties’. So for 19 year old Savita Sundaresan, our guest on Wednesday, her debut on British radio turned into a recital in front of a mini but largely appreciative audience. However, at times, some of AWIL crew are prone to becoming a little rowdy, especially the parental contingent. Savita explained her life to us – she’s an engineering student at Imperial College, a Bharatanatyam dancer, as well as an up-and-coming talent in the world of Carnatic music. Her distinguished music guru is Dr. Mala Swamy in Chennai, and Savita often wakes up at 5.30am to start her music practise before heading off to one of the best universities on the planet. In every sense, Savita is accomplished, learned, and joyful. She has performed on stages across India & the UK in front of the most critical and discerning pundits of South Indian classical tradition, yet nothing could have prepared her for AWIL... The trouble started after I said ‘You’re a model daughter. What more could your parents possibly expect from you?’ Then one of the crew piped up with ‘When are we going to get grandchildren?!’ Another shouted ‘clean your bedroom more often!!’ Someone at the back squealed ‘you don’t eat enough greens!!’. It was only after Savita began to sing, gliding effortlessly through multiple octaves, intricate raags and krithis, moving mountains with her magnificent voice, that the heckling was finally silenced, as the rabble retreated into blissful serenity. Hear Savita Sundaresan and her brother Adesh on THIS A World In London!

Adesh Sundaresan
1/2/17 – AWIL at Res 111  Online:  Sketches by Alban Low. Production by Sofia Gaetani-Morris & Norman Druker. Also this week, great new global music on AWIL at SOAS Radio featuring Orchestra Baobab, Baro Drom Orkestar, Susana Raya, Juwon Ogungbe, Baluji Shrivastav, Srdjan Beronja, Nguyen Le, plus Oxford Maqam in the studio Next week The Koral Society @ SOAS Radio and Vocal Global @ Resonance.

THURSDAY FEB 16TH A WORLD INLONDON LIVE at CLUB INEGALES –Fundraiser for Resonance FM – with NAMLO, IYATRA QUARTET, AILM, JOJI HIROTA & THE LONDON TAIKO DRUMMERS!!! Get tickets here:   #AWorldinLondon – IN ITS ELEVENTH YEAR! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Stefanos Tsourelis Trio - Mediterranean Improv

Stefanos Tsourelis
Stefanos Tsourelis Trio
Stefanos Tsourelis - oud and guitar
Dave Jones - bass
Eric Ford - drums

Date - 11th January 2017
Venue - A World in London, Resonance FM, London, UK

Future Performance

February 8th 2017 - The Bulls Head in Barnes

Dave Jones
Jazz Improv & melodies from the Med by Stefanos Tsourelis Trio on this A World In London! 
Listen here:

AWIL got off to a great start in 2017 with a formidable live session from bassist Dave Jones, percussionist Eric Ford, and Stefanos Tsourelis on oud & guitar! The trio was formed only recently in 2015 yet is already one of the most skilled & thrilling jazz-based outfits in our midst. Watching these three wise men of instrumental gifts is almost enough to make you forget the huffing & puffing of ‘that’ Trumpet across the Atlantic for a moment or two. They draw you into their rolling conversation of riffs and fills, questions and answers, solos and choruses, chattering, reflecting, and exclaiming along a musical route stretching from the Sahara to Thessaloniki and back to the UK. Stefanos Tsourelis Trio will release their debut album, ‘Native Speaker’ later this year.
Eric Ford
11/1/17 – AWIL at Res 110  Online:  Pics by Sofia Gaetani-Morris and Alban Low. Also this week, New Year global music on AWIL at SOAS Radio featuring Aurelio, Seckou Keita, Warsaw Village Band, Debashish Bhattacharya, Vocal-Global, Karmana, and more! Coming up on Jan 25th at AWIL on Res – Adesh Sundaresan. #AWorldinLondon – IN ITS ELEVENTH YEAR! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio

Presenter/Producer for 'A World In London' at Resonance 104.4 & SOAS Radio.
BBC Radio/Sister India/Outcaste Records founder/Rough Guides Contributor        
Club Promoter & DJ

Monday, 16 January 2017

Liam Stevens Trio with Aydenne Simone

Liam Stevens
Liam Stevens - piano
Aydenne Simone - vocals
JJ Stillwell - bass
Joe Dessauer - drums

Date - 5th January 2017
Venue - The Bull's Head, Barnes, UK

Future Performance
14 February 2017, 8:30 pm, The Bull's Head, Barnes - Valentine’s Extravaganza with Liam Stevens & friends
14 March 2017, 8pm, The Bull's Head, Barnes - Liam Stevens Trio album launch
9th May 2017, 8pm, The Bull's Head, Barnes - Aydenne Simone sings Sarah Vaughan

JJ Stillwell
An evening of swinging standards to dispel the January blues. Aydenne Simone and Liam Stevens make the archetypal odd couple, Simone is exuberant and overflowing while Stevens cuts a pensive and intense figure at the piano. The rhythm section of Stilwell and Dessauer cast lithe shadows against the red velvet curtain of the new Jazz Room at the Bull's Head. The event promoter Seven Star Arts is pulling up the socks of this once iconic venue by swelling audiences and indulging in classic repertoires.

The Liam Stevens Trio is one of the most exciting young groups on the jazz scene today. Led by the dextrous piano playing of Liam who displays a deep understanding and passion for music, gaining plaudits from audiences and respected veteran musicians alike.

Joe Dessauer
With drummer Joe Dessauer and bassist Jj Stillwell, they produce a swinging sound and an electrifying visual performance, thrilling audiences of all ages and musical tastes.
They frequently perform with Ellie Bignall (Vocals) with recent gigs at Glentham Gardens, Kew’s Musical Museum and the Hamstock Orpheus and Equus Gala.

Aydenne Simone
Aydenne Simone has wowed audiences with her deep, powerful vocal tones, taking her career to countless prestigious milestone performances including; Lead role in “Break Away Angel” musical Theatre Royal, a Royal Performance, Jazz Cafe, Ronnie's, Cambridge University, ‘Jazz in The Park’, Pizza Express  (Olympia, Kensington, Beckenham), International Isle of Wight Jazz Diva Festival,  to name just a few.